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Membership in the Order is a rare and wonderful opportunity that empowers a person and enables one to enjoy life’s abundant blessings. Anyone can be a member, provided that he/she meets the following requirements:

· at least 15 years old

· desires to improve his life

· has an open-mind


Membership Form and Waiver (Signed)


1x1 Photo

Photo of Identification Card

Important Guidelines

*Important Guidelines: Please double-check and recheck again if you have uploaded the correct accomplished documents that the “upload file” is asking for. Also, kindly be sure to answer all questions on the Membership Form. Your acceptance into the Order depends on important questions on the Membership Form and the Bio Data to back it up.

For new applicants, you can leave the ‘Members who vouch for you’ section; on the ‘Place of Membership’, just write Online and on the ‘Lodge to be attended’ section, you may refer to the Contact Us menu on the website. You will be taken to a list of our current Lodges in the Philippines. Just choose the Lodge that is closest to your residence and write that on the Membership Form. Again, kindly be sure to upload the correct fully accomplished documents for your acceptance into the Order depends on it. Thank you again for your interest in our Order.

How to fill up documents

FIRST STEP: Download either the DOCX or PDF format of the Membership Form and Waiver

Uploading 1x1 Photo

  1. Open document using Microsoft Word

  2. Click on image icon upper right of the form

  3. Click insert 'from a file' on the dialog box

  4. Browse through your files and upload

Signing the Document

  1. Prepare a photo of your Signature together with your Full name.

  2. Click on the image icon on the signature section of the form.

  3. Click insert 'from a file' on the dialog box

  4. Browse through your files and upload your signature

NEXT STEP: Upload the documents, your 1x1 photo, and your Identification Card as soon as you sign up for membership. You can also upload your own BIO-DATA if you have one readily available. 

FINAL STEP: Your application will be reviewed upon submission. An email will be sent to you as a notification of your application. Kindly take a screenshot of this as proof of your application and send it through this Viber number: 0927 399 0832, together with your complete name, date of registration, and lodge where you attend. You will then be issued a receipt as your credential to be used in attending Online Intensive Meditations. Please allow 2-3 days for this to process.

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