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Present time

In the Philippines at present, the Vajrayana Order is vastly spreading its wings in various parts of the country. Ignorance of the masses is slowly being transformed into wisdom; poverty into prosperity; selfishness into charity and service; chaos into peace; fear into love. For so long a time, we have been kept in the darkness of ignorance.


Now, the light of the Order is being shed upon all humble and eager souls and as a recipient of its light, one can take this chance of spreading the good news to others so they may also have the chance to live happier and more prosperous lives.

One may do so by spreading this website to one's family, friends, or even to those who one casually meets. This opportunity would make one a harbinger of light and wisdom to humanity.

People from all walks of life are welcome to join the Order. All lessons comprising the teachings, exercises and techniques are for FREE. At present, the members include professionals (doctors, writers, lawyers, IT/ computer professionals, musicians, artists, teachers, etc.), as well as university students, housewives, grandparents, and people with different religious backgrounds.


Membership in the Order is FREE. It is a rare and wonderful opportunity that empowers a person and enables one to enjoy life’s abundant blessings. Anyone can be a member, provided that he/she meets the following requirements:

· at least 15 years old

· desires to improve his/ her life or learn the secrets of existence

· has an open-mind

The Vajrayanis

The list below enumerates a few of the world’s most famous men and women, mostly belonging to the royal lineage, who are chelas of the Vajrayana Order or who employed similar techniques to attain such outstanding success.

  • The Avatar Krishna

  • Gautama Buddha

  • Jesus the Christ

  • Pharaoh Thutmose III of the 18th Dynasty

  • Pharaoh Amenemhet III of Egypt

  • Pharaoh Amenhotep IV

  • Pharaoh Akhnaton

  • King Arthur

  • Queen Elizabeth I

  • Emperor Chandragupta of India

  • King Asoka

  • Queen Mirabai of India

  • Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt

  • Jallaludin Rumi

  • Tsong Khapa of Tibet

  • Akbar the Great

  • Tamerlane the Great

  • Omar Khayyam

  • Kublai Khan

  • Nicholas Roerich

  • Helena Roerich

  • Confucius

  • Lao Tzu

  • Mahatma Ghandi

  • Kahlil Gibran

  • Mencius

  • Milarepa of Tibet

  • King Solomon

  • Emperor Aurangzeb

  • Pharaoh Imhotep

  • Aesculapius

  • Padmasambhava

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